Some of these apps are geared towards vision therapy and others are just plain fun! Either way here are our favorite apps for Liam.

Tap and See Zoo-- Black screen, small red animal that you must follow as it bounces across the screen and once they locate and successfully touch it it will expand the size of the screen with a loud triumphant noise.

ArtofGlow—black screen that you doodle on with lights which can be made into different colors, shapes and then made to flash quickly or slowly, etc.

Lava—tilt the screen every which direction to make the bright yellow lava move and splash around the black screen

Bouncyball lite—track the bouncing red ball across the black screen, make it bounce faster with your touch (size and color of the ball can be changed)

Fluidtoy- not one of my favorites but moves waves of color through the screen and each touch sends out more spiraling waves

Infant Visual Stimulation- *this app does COST MONEY to purchase*- shows high contrast red, white, and black images

Fluidity- (a favorite of ours because it’s just like our light box) this app has flowing colorful gel in which you push around waves and make movements with each swipe or touch of your finger (color can be changed in settings)

Farmyard Friends—flashcards of animals in high and low contrast

HighContrast-- Flashing images in high contrast

Baby Bright— *this app does COST MONEY to purchase*- Gives different high contrast and color images, letters, shapes, and numbers for different age brackets.

Baby Silencer—Gives colorful displays of lights on black background to stimulate vision

Kolorami—is mostly for individuals who are colorblind: it reads color degrees and shades in images that you have taken

Magnifying Glass—uses your phones camera to magnify things and can be changed into high or low contrast as well

Fisher Price Apps-We just love all the Fisher Price Apps but these three are our favorites! Fisher Price Animals App works specifically on identifying animals with vivid pictures of several dancing animals displayed one at a time across the screen.  Sounds are enabled when the child touches anywhere on the animals body, and they slide all over the screen when the phone is tilted. They are large and in high contrast with the background and the background music can be disabled if desired. Liam loves to mimic the animal sounds! It also has song and dance in between levels of the different animals. The Fisher Price Shapes App has bright shapes falling and bouncing around a neutral color background in level one, and shapes above a musical keyboard in the second level, that sing and dance their shape and color when touched. Great for colors and shape practice. The Fisher Price "Where's Puppy" App is great for discovering body parts as it identifies which area has been touched on it's puppy or kitten and sings songs about them.

Music Sparkle- This app has different types of musical instruments to select from such as: a xylophone, drum set, saxophone, harp, keyboard, flute and many more. Each have different side instruments that can be added in to the mix and are a joy for hearing children.

Baby Aqua- This app is great for colors but has the ability to work on numbers/counting or colors. The color level has a different colored fish swim across the screen one at a time and forces the child to track them to and fro. The colors pop on the ocean blue background so the stand out very well and Liam can always catch them as they move very slowly. Once the fish is tapped it identifies the color they see, running through dozens of colors one right after the other.  The number/counting selection sends these colored fish in order of 1-10 and has the child count up with them with each touch. Great contrast, easy to use, bright colors and soothing water sounds.

Real Fireworks Artwork- Each touch on a black "night sky" screen sparks fireworks of bright colors and different sizes and sparkling lights. It is great for small children and holds attention with its bright colors and sound affects.

Peekaboo HD- Liam's new favorite with animals, animal noises come from behind a pile of hay where animals hide behind it and once the hay is touched it moves to show the animal behind it making the animal sounds. Great for learning animals and kids love it because it's similar to a game of Hide and Seek.

Bubble Head- This one is so simple and silly to me but Liam seems to just love it as it sends him into giggles all the time. A simple blank screen shows what looks like a cartoon alien body whose head is blown up like a piece of bubble gum. Each time you touch the head it pops (again like chewing gum) and another (or several) grow back in its place. Liam just loves the POP sound and the explosion!

Braille Quiz-This app is more for the sighted learning braille and definitely helps refresh me on mine. It's very simple, a flashcard of a letter in Braille appears with three letter choices underneath it for you to choose from. This keeps going for several rounds and gives you a score on how well you did at the end.

Pocket Pond/Koi Pond-- There is really no point to either of these apps, but they are great with tracking. Liam likes to spot the fish under the water and tap them to make them swim away and watch the water ripple.

Bubblish and Bubbles -- Both are just bubble apps that we like to use to track falling or moving bubbles. Once you touch them they pop and new ones are created around the screen. Good for working on that pointer finger/hand eye coordination and tracking. Again, fun because of the pop noise for us!

Kids Doodle-Movie kids color- Similar to art of glow but more like coloring on the black screen with streaks of glow sticks or glow paint.

Shapes- This app walks you through flashcards of everyday items found in and around your house or school. The objects are on a white screen so they stand out in contrast and a voice states the name of each item to you as well as what shape it is most like. "The ball is a circle. The pizza is a circle. The napkin is a square."

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