Meet The Atkinsons

You can find Dad one of two places, outside or in the kitchen.  He is quiet and easy going but he loves to talk history or plants if you get him going. He’s a control freak in the kitchen but with meals like his no one will ever complain!

Mom loves to paint any surface she can get her hands on and writes in her spare time. She’s a blonde at heart and at the root, and a real chatter box who has never met a stranger.

Little Liam is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet and he will keep you laughing for sure! He loves to giggle and squeal! He loves to touch your face once he is comfortable with you and loves to play peek-a-boo. He is just like his dad and constantly begs to go outside.  He was diagnosed with Nystagmus at 2 months old and OCA at 6 months, but it has not slowed him down yet and it’s our hope that it never will. Once you meet him you can’t help but fall in love with him just like we did!

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