Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thank You Google

A few nights ago, we were driving home late at night when I had to come from, LETS JUST SAY 60MPH, to a complete stop in the middle of the road to let a group of does cross the road.  The rapid stop (and the few moments of sitting still to make sure no other deer decided to play chicken with my car) alerted Liam that something was wrong, and he started asking those two year old questions--you know the ones like “why” and “where” and “but why!”

Liam: “Why you stop mom?”
Me: “Because there was something in the road Liam.”
Liam: “What is it mommie?”
Me: “It was a bunch of deer Liam.”
Liam with all the excitement he could muster: “WHAT!”
Me: “Deer, Liam.”
Liam: “Why mommie?”
Me: “They just wanted to cross the road.”
Liam: “Huh? What crossed the road mommie.”
 (Insert three more “huh”s here.)
Me: “It was deer Liam, just some deer.”
Then, after a few minutes of racking his little brain, “what is deer mommie?”

It hit me that Liam had never seen a deer and probably would not for a little while since-- let’s face it-- even in Arkansas we don’t take our toddlers hunting. There are also no deer on flashcards (though I don’t know why), no pet deer (at least not in our 15 mile radius), and to this day I have yet to see a stuffed teddy deer at the toy store.
So how to explain what a deer is to Liam.  While at the next stop light, I pulled out my iphone and googled “Deer”, punched “images” and handed Liam my cell phone.
Straight from Google search "deer".

My child went nuts!! The rest of the night he carried around my phone showing daddie and me, “Look it’s a deer! It’s a baby ‘cause it has spots!! Look at that one it has horns mommie, horns!! Ohh that’s a big deer! Look daddie, look at the horns!!!” He kept scrolling through the images of deer and doe and “baby deer” all night long.


 By the end of the night my phone was dead and Liam was dreaming of deer. He even chose to make reinDEER cookies the next night.
So thank you Google, because without you Liam may still be confused about what a deer is….and I’d still be stuck in the above conversation. J

Now I’m on the hunt for some deer products for Christmas—wish me luck! 

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