Friday, November 22, 2013

Sometimes We Forget

I know a lot of people always ask or comment on how living with a visually impaired/blind toddler must have changed our day to day life completely and don’t get me wrong-IT DID/HAS/WILL-but sometimes we still do forget.  I don’t know how or when it started but it did.  I know it’s because we have gotten used to the adjustments—the strips of tape on our steps, the white cane, the sunglasses, the every 3-6 month eye exams, the set-in-stone placement of our furniture, the movie nights with the couch moved up to three feet away from the TV, the vision therapy appointments, the enlarged picture books, the braille blocks and braille books, the giant flashcards and constant need to keep the floor and walkway clutter and toy free, and even the constant bruises and boo-boos from running into corners or walls or off step—but somehow we still manage to forget.

                When I scolded him for what I thought was protest and refusal to pick up his black raisins off the black part of our rug, all the while he was shouting “I can’t!” meaning “I can’t see them”—I’d forgotten.
                When we giggled and then cried when Liam tried to grab the last carrot from his Elmo bowl, but it was really Elmo’s orange nose on the bottom of the bowl—we’d forgotten.
                When we started reading books to him at night, and he had to get within an inch or two of his nose touching the page to see the pictures that were over 3 inches large—we’d forgotten.
                When we started counting blocks and Liam started to skip some of the ones that were too close together—we’d forgotten.
                When Liam told me someone was at our house (in our driveway) and I didn't believe him, though he heard them minutes before I did—I’d forgotten.
                When we were at the church fair and Liam hunkered low to the ground, almost on his belly, and began to sideways crawl to get under a wire fence that was more than 4 feet away, and he kept doing it pausing to see if he had made it under (when he hadn't) because he could not tell how far away the wire was—we all laughed and then sighed because we’d forgotten.

                Yes, some days it is so “normal” to live with Liam’s adjustments that we forget they are there, and we forget there will be more.  BUT this is our normal and normal sometimes makes you forget the hard parts that make life no so normal to the outside eyes. So new moms here don’t worry, sometimes you will forget too.  Some days the differences will stick out at you like a sore thumb, rubbing you raw on the inside, but other days are just plain normal….or whatever your normal turns out to be. 

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  1. Devonna TownsendMay 4, 2014 at 7:31 PM

    My little boy Jasper is 21 months old. He has OA. He does so well the majority of the time that we do forget he has visual problems. Because to us he's just a normal little boy. It makes my heart ache when I see him on his belly going over a crack in the sidewalk because he thought it was a step. All because his depth perception is off. But we can and will overcome!