Friday, June 14, 2013

To See The World In Color-Colorblind

Since Liam was little, we have wondered if he would also be colorblind. We had heard early on that it was a possibility but then again we were also told he was almost completely blind too. So from the time he turned 1 year old, we have been pushing colors at him and help with this from his vision therapists. They assured us as he got older (closer to 2 years old) we would know more- basicly the "hurry up and wait" game again.
We started with practicing "grouping" putting like color toys in piles all across our living room floor and challanging him to match another toy with the correct color pile. We did colored paints, colored shape sorters, and basicly anything else we could get our hands on. After all, mom is a painter who lives in a colortastic world ever day, making her more determined than most on the subject.
We were having no luck and since Liam had finally turned 2 years old in May, we were seeking to have him colorblind tested sometime this summer. ( *By testing I mean using the little green/red cards to see if he could see the shapes inside the hidden pictures. Since we now know our shapes, we thought this would finally give us a little more knowledge on where he stands with colors and you can actually purchase these cards online too if need be. Luckily, our therapist was planning to bring the cards and other test objects with her so we did not buy any of our own.)
The week before we planned on addressing this in his therapy session the below video took place. We were cooking in the kitchen when Liam drug in one of his tracer toys and began to name colors.
He pointed to a green bead and said, "Momma, esta (it's) buuu (blue)!"
My response was, "No Liam, that's not blue it's..." 
"Geeennn!!" he shouted.
He was right. It was green, and I was shocked. Probably just a fluke I decided, so I sat down to test him. The video is what happened next with no help what so ever! It started with three colors then by the end of the night he knew all five bead colors on his tracer toy.
We were shocked.
Testing cancelled. He obviously had decided he would name colors when he felt ready and now was finally that time.
So if your like me and begin to panic when your already struggling visually impaired child calls everything purple, have hope. It may be too soon, or it may actually be colorblindness. Either way, let the child find his own way about it, and just know that no matter the outcome they will manage just fine.

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  1. Hi, I am from Hong Kong. Nice to read your blog and give me lots of information about OA. My daughter seems have OA who is sensitive to light but the doctor didn't conclude. She also keep everything is purple. What does it mean? I saw you mention about this. Is she colorlessness? did Liam do the same when he was young?