Friday, April 5, 2013

Vision Therapy Update-Age 18-22 Months


I thought I would try and combine the past two therapy visits with Arkansas School for the Blind into one long therapy post. (Mostly because I forgot to post one until the other happened but either way, you get two in one.) Sorry for the poor quality photos, I try to snap them quick so Liam doesn't get too distracted! So here goes:

The areas worked on were:

Shapes- still the basic three shapes, trying to learn to match and be able to identify each by name. The first session they used high contrast puzzle pieces that could be rearranged so that Liam did not memorize what order the shapes went in. The second session she used plexiglass shapes on a piece of paper that he had to hand to her when she held up her matching piece.

Problem solving skills- how to open things to get what is inside after seeing it done once or twice. For this Ms. Pam used a musical toy in a shoe box that Liam had to figure out where the sound came from, and how to get the toy back out. She also used a ring box (one like you get when you buy jewelry that would fold or split open when pulled on either end) in which she placed a small cereal snack for Liam to try to open and retrieve.

Identifying the purpose of everyday items- for this three items were placed in front of Liam- a hairbrush, a toothbrush, and a spoon- then he was asked "which one do you use to brush your teeth?" He would have to pick out the toothbrush and give it to Ms. Pam. Then so on with each item.

Picking up an item while holding something constantly in the opposite hand- Ms. Pam used a sandbox bucket with a handle on it and a bunch of lego type blocks scattered all across our living room floor to do this test. She had him hold the bucket in one hand and use the other to pick up each block and drop them in the bucket. Liam constantly wanted to set the bucket down and bring the blocks to it with both hands, we are still working on this task.

The Big, Little Game- Liam seemed to really like this game. The idea was simple, learn to tell which is bigger and which is smaller and be able to tell a difference in the two sizes. Ms. Pam displayed in front of him several toys, each with identical smaller versions. She asked him to find the big duck, then the small duck, and so on with each toy. When he could not successfully do this she tried removing all but two identical items and asked him to pick out the bigger one, then the smaller one.

Identifying three or more body parts-- for this they used the Fisher Price Puppy Dog that speaks the body part when touched and has fun songs about them as well. Since we have this toy at home Liam knew all of his body parts!

Some other small things that they worked on were: pull apart snap beads, grasp two objects in one hand, manipulate pages of a book/show interest in books, recognize self and family members in photos.

They used the Ipad for several Apps, training on many different elements, that I plan on listing out in my next post with cost and a short review.

All and all Liam is doing great and based on our recent evaluation with Ms. Pam, the vision therapy has greatly increased his skill levels in the areas of gross motor, fine motor, self help, cognitive, visual, compensatory, and social skills. We could not be more pleased with his improvements since his first visit a year ago! Though his lowest score was still in the use of vision category, we know he will continue to show improvements with the therapy!
We know it's success is different for each individual but we encourage everyone with VI kids to give it a try......which is why we are putting together a free therapy kit for a upcoming giveaway! We cannot wait to do this giveaway, but are still a few weeks out before everything is collected, so keep checking back with us if you wish to participate!
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