Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Vision Therapy Success

In case anyone out there was wondering if vision therapy was worth it-I want to share a small success story with you. Not a large one like we have had in the past, just a small one...one that is still significant because we celebrate every victory.

This picture is from a vision therapy session with Liam at 11 months old. The next from today at 21 months.

You can't tell from Liam's face in the first picture, but he is terrified and crying. Our therapist, Lisa, worked for months with him on just being able to swing. We all assumed that the bounce in Liam's eyes made him feel unsafe and nervous when the swing was in opposite motion, especially if he could not control it.

Today, all of a sudden he was racing for the swings at the park, and would not stop once we began to swing. I never thought a small thing like swinging would bring me to tears. Somehow the thought of your child growing up hating a swing set because of his disability is just heartbreaking, no matter how small it is in comparison to other things. I never thought I would be so excited that Liam would sit in a swing and swing! But you should have heard me cheering!

So even if vision therapy had never taught Liam anything else (WHICH IF YOU FOLLOW OUR VISION THERAPY CATEGORY YOU WILL SEE IT HAS HELPED ASTRONOMICALLY!!!) it helped him love to swing...and that small victory is huge.

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  1. Hello, I just visited your blog from the OA/OCA Mommas Facebook Group. This is such a sweet post! I can relate, my son is scared of swings. I never though to contribute it to him not being able to see very well. The ophthalmologist says his visual acuity is normal for his age (24 months). He does, however, have nystagmus. Thank you for sharing! Now I am wondering if this is why he doesn't enjoy swinging.