Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update on Brian's Sight

I have been meaning to sit down and write this update on Brian's sight for a week now, but everytime I get more than 30 minutes to do so something always comes up-and lets face it, it's definitely going to take longer than 30 minutes in between nap times to cover this.
Anyway, so many people have been asking about Brian's sight, many of you are praying for him, emailing, texting and calling us to check in and we are so grateful. We are truly blessed in our family and friends. So here's the update....

We were able to get in-due to rescheduling after the snow storm on Christmas day-on a day or so before new years. When we got to the neurologist he did a very detailed exam of Brian's eyes and eye functions before insisting that the person who had read our MRI scan-and called it normal- was wrong. He explained that there are three categories in which late onset Nystagmus can begin in adults: the 20 years old or younger, the 40 and over, and then last the inbetween. He beat around the bush telling us the oldest and youngest first, before he finally got to Brian's age bracket.
"In this age group it is most always a brain tumor."
It was the longest pause of our lives!
He did not care to explain, he only raced away to "re-evaluate" Brian's MRI scan for himself.
We sat in that room for what felt like hours but it took only minutes for him to return.
Those minutes went like this:
We stared at one another in silence until Brian started repeating the doctor:
"It's ALWAYS a tumor.. ALWAYS a brain tumor...a T-U-M-O-R...."
"We've got this, it will be okay babe, HE has got this, HE HAS GOT THIS..." is all I could say but it was all it took to silence us both.
We prayed our little pea-picking hearts out with the minutes we had left before the doctor returned, a very upset doctor that he was WRONG. No tumor.
Insert giant SIGH of relief here!!
He looked Brian over again and assured us that this was not from his head injury, but he could find nothing obvious to point the blame.
So the good doctor told us basicly this: If it is being caused by anything minor (inflammation behind his eye, a hit to the head, a small bleed or bruise, a vitamin deficiency, etc) the Nystagmus would eventually slow down until it one day stops completely. If it was something more severe that would require more aggressive tests, the Nystagmus would not change. He explained that in many cases where a minor issue is the cause, the Nystagmus is gone within three months time. So he scheduled Brian for a recheck at the end of Feb. and at that time we will re-evaluate to determine if further testing is needed.

Obviously since it has taken me a few weeks to write this all down we have since seen some change in Brian's vision... Until this past week, Brian was seeing double at all times no matter what he did to try and fix it. Monday as we I was driving he noticed that when he is relaxed he is still seeing double but when he was squinting to look at the stop signs ahead of us he could pull everything into focus and only see ONE of everything up to 50 feet ahead of us. Since Monday the distance between the doubles of every object he sees has shortened. (Originally when he was looking at say a person infront of him, there would be two separate copies of that when he looks a someone their two copies kinda overlap like they are pulling back together. Get it?)

With these new developments we know it is only matter of time before his vision hopefully comes full circle back to his normal sight range, we need only be patient. And we wanted to say thank you for everyone who has been continuing to pray for us and his vision, and for all the house calls, the phone calls, the help and offers to drive him around or bring us dinners so he wouldn't have to all are amazing!! Like I said we are so blessed.  Hopefully we will have more updates to come soon!


  1. I hope Brian continues to improve! That's great news it's not a tumor. Wishing you all the strength to get through the next few months until the next appointment. : )

  2. I am so glad that you got good news. I am hoping that Brian improves quickly and this can be behind you. What a scary time!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. :) Someone just did it for me, and so when I needed to nominate three more people, you were at the top of my list. You are an awesome mama. :) You just have to go to my blog - and follow the rules (if you want!).