Monday, January 21, 2013

My Liebster Award Post

This is my post to thank Jennifer Pletcher over at Mixed Nuts for awarding me this award!

The rules for the acceptance are:
1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back
3) Answer the 10 questions posed by the blogger who nominated you
4 ) Select 3 – 5 bloggers for the award
5) Pose 10 new questions to the new nominees
6) Post the award on your blog

So, thanks again to Jennifer and here are the answers to the questions she posted for me.

1. When you first got your child's diagnosis - what was your immediate reaction?
Well, I wrote all about when we first heard the words "we think your child may be blind," but I'm not sure we ever mentioned how we felt upon receiving the official Albinism diagnosis. When we heard the news it was the one thing we had instantly seen on the list of causes for Albinism and ruled out. I had seen kids with Albinism and thought Liam looked nothing like them, we also had no family history of it... So shocked doesn't even come close.

2. Why did you start blogging?
After the first hundred questions about "what does Liam see?" I was so tired of explaining it over and over again and friends getting upset that "they hadn't heard!" So the blog formed to keep everyone in the loop and connect with other families sharing our same stories.

3. What is the best thing you have learned since your child was diagnosed? 
When I was a child, the only thing I ever wanted to grow up and become was a mom....I remember telling my parents, "I think I could handle 5 or 6 kids of my own, as long as none of them were disabled...I could never handle a disabled child..." I hate that my childhood self ever said that but who really hasn't. The point is, I never thought I could handle the one situation we found ourselves in as parents...until I did. So I have learned to never double the strength God gives us to handle our present situation.

4. What are you proudest of?
The example my son sets for all those who said "he won't do this/that" that the blind/visually impaired/disabled are just as capable and strong as the rest of us.

5. Do you have any regrets? 
 Never. I wouldn't change a thing.

6. What would you say to a new parent that just was told their child was blind/going blind? Your child is the same child they were before you heard the news, nothing has changed that, sure you'll have a rough journey but every minute of it will be life changing and filled with love. They are still your amazing, extraordinary child you have know all along, you just have a new path, a new mission, a new view of their little life. Nothing yet everything has changed... Except your love for them and theirs for you.
Holland IS just as beautiful as Italy.

7. How do you balance family life and life with a child with special needs?
 I've found I can balance everything better when I have time to myself at least once a week to do whatever I need to do (write, relax, nap, etc.) and lots of calendars and communication of schedules.

8. On a down day - what is your favorite activity?

9. What scares you the most? 
That even parents can't protect their children from EVERYTHING.

10. Do you have a favorite motto or saying?
 I just recently heard this and LOVED it.."sometimes God redeems you from something, and sometimes God redeems you through it."

Thank you Jennifer and here are my nominations !

1. Living With Nystagmus
This blog was the very first site I found with real human emotion behind it when we were researching what Nystagmus and Albinism meant for us. I learned so much from Claire and since then we have become great friends. I can always learn from her journey with her two sweet boys and she always keeps me laughing with her British slang. I love that her family though they are thousands of miles away and we have never met in person. They are AMAZING to say the least!

2. Sarah at Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat?
I have been friends with Sarah for several years now, watched her go from a single gal to married with a beautiful baby boy...She's so passionate about being his mommy and the struggles she went though to just become a mom are heart felt and beautiful seeing the end result. She keeps parenting real and keeps me laughing...and pictures of that cute little guy are worth every read!

3. Ashleigh at Happy Ashleigh
When I found Ashleigh I had just found out about Liam's eyes...We hit it off instantly thanks to our
mutual gal pal Claire. Doing this journey with her makes it so much easier and entertaining! Her two twerpies are so beautiful and I can always lean on her with questions of "have you ever.." and "did this happen with your kids?" when it comes to to our kid's eyes and their sight. She's such an amazing mom and blogger!

If you three ladies choose to participate please follow the above and here are your ten questions:

1.What is your favorite mom moment so far?
2.Why did you start blogging?
3. What would you say to new parents (Sarah) and to new parents of a special needs child (Claire, and Ashleigh)?
4. What is one thing you want your children to know incase you forget or are not around to tell them one day.
5. What did having a baby change the most for you and your lifestyle/plans for your life?
6.What are you most afraid of when it comes to parenting?
7.What is one thing you miss from your pre-children days?
8. What's the cutest thing your baby(s) do to take your breath away?
9.What's the grossest mess you have had to clean up in your house since becoming a parent?
10. What is one thing your child/children have taught YOU?

Happy Posting Ladies!!

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