Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting Our Texture Book

A texture book is something that a lot of visually impaired/blind children enjoy playing with when they are young since they often explore the world best through touch.  They are very good for use in therapy with children of all sorts of disabilities that focus on the use of other senses other than just sight and sound. I have been trying to collect different textures over the past few weeks to put into a large book for Liam and so far I have collected the basics: soft, rough, smooth, and what I call fuzzy/ticklish. I know there are many more textures out there to be found but these I found so easily in Hobby Lobby's paper crafts department; put them together with ring binders and there you go! A homemade texture book! I know you can buy huge kits for fairly cheap online that come with many different textures to teach children, but I thought I would just form my own based off what I could readily find. Cheap, fun to make and fun to add to over time!

I should add I used:
Glitter paper (rough but better than sandpaper)
Foam paper (smooth)
Felt (soft)
Strips of feather fur (layer them for better texture)
And I will be adding several in the next few weeks for other textures such as grainy, slimy, sticky, velvety, and crinkle.

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