Monday, September 17, 2012

Giveaway Books for Visually Impaired Kids

I know it's Monday and you are all thinking... It's Monday where is it? Where's the next giveaway?? Okay, sorry twist my arm, Monday got away from me, far far away from me, but here it is!
I will keep this simple...
Over the past year we have found that the best books (besides Braille books) that most visually impaired kids really pay attention to, are high contrast books and LARGE books with LARGE print and pictures. This is very true for Liam and lots of other parents we speak with say the exact same thing about their kids and picture books. We have noticed that sometimes these books are slightly hard to find in stores so we decided we would give away a few of them!
So we picked Liam's absolute favorites only.... Ones that he will never put down once you have read them just once to him, begging to have them read over and over again until we distract him or hide the book. (Seriously, we have read each several hundred times at the least !)
So you know the drill, post below with a simple idea for another book you think we should try with Liam; either a large picture/print book or a high contrast book. Extra points for followers or Facebook/twitter repeats. Winner gets both the high contrast book by Tana Hoban and the large picture book by Eric Carle. Reviews can be found on our book bin tab to the left.
Good luck to all! Winner will be announced Friday night! See you all then!


  1. Hi Amy, I don't want to enter this giveaway since Max is completely blind and a visually impaired child would better benefit from it but have you checked out "One Red Dot" by David Carter? Here's a link:
    It's high contrast (according to what I know, I'm not as educated on that) and it's also pop up. I don't believe the print is very large but it's worth checking out because it seems like an awesome book.

  2. Since I forgot to be posting about this giveaway and no one has posted any ideas yet I'm going to let it ride out until next Friday night. Gives me more time to relax this week! So winner to be announced next Friday you have until then to post your book ideas below!!

  3. I don't want to enter the giveway because we have both books already.
    Caroline loves Lucy Cousins (the Maisy books author). Her illistrations are bright primary colors. I can read Hooray for Fish by memory.

  4. Jack's favourite book of all time is one called Oh Dear by Rob Campbel ( It's about a boy Buster who goes looking for some eggs for his Grandma. It's a lift and flap book, and whilst the font isn't massive, it's easier to read than other books we have, and the pictures are not too cluttered. Part of the fun of the book is sounding out the animal noises, and there's one lift and flap above a horses bottom which Dad does a great impression of! Jack has taken to ripping some of his paper books but as this is hardback it passes that test! I look forward to trying out the books you've suggested, and others that are posted here. x

  5. Makayla LOVES books with mirrors! This is one of our favorites!

  6. Any books written by Sandra Boynton. They're not high contrast, but they're colorful, have super big pics, catchy writing, and the print is on the larger side. Those are the first books my girls go to. All her books are great, but their favorites are: Barnyard Dance, Happy Hippo Angry Duck, The Belly Button Book, Blue Hat Green Hat, and The Going to Bed Book. Those are falling apart from use! :)

    1. Kristine I have books to get to you so if you will send me your mailing address I will send them your way!!
      Email it to me at
      Thanks girl!