Friday, September 14, 2012

And The Winner Is.......

Alright guys, so before I tell our lucky winner please know if you did not win this Monday morning, bright and early, we start another giveaway in honor of National Albinism Awareness month so try try again!!!
Monday's giveaway will be a collection of various high contrast children's books from two of our family's favorite authors! I can't wait!!

So without further babble ,
The winner is..... Bonnie and Daniel!! So great seeing that your son helped you win Bonnie!! Great team work guys! We will be getting with you to mail out your custom Braille shirt soon!
Also, I need to correct an earlier statement as the money from these shirts Jen makes does not go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness but to the RDH12 Fund for Sight organization started by Jen and several other families affected by this rare type of blindness affecting the RDH12 gene. From there the money goes straight into research that is leading the fight for a cure. So for those still wanting a shirt please stop by Jen's site and check them out! It's a great cause and a great group of families fighting for the sight of many, and they can't do it alone. Thanks all for participating and congrats Bonnie!!

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  1. How exciting!
    Can't wait to tell Daniel we won!