Friday, September 28, 2012

And The Books Go To.....

By random selection (thank you random generator at Kristine is our book winner this week!! Thanks for your great book suggestions Kristine and all you other ladies as well, we will be doing some book shopping in the near future for Liam! And for those who didn't win this week I will be giving away more books shortly! Hang in there and thanks for the great suggestions and participation!
Congrats Kristine!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Giveaway Books for Visually Impaired Kids

I know it's Monday and you are all thinking... It's Monday where is it? Where's the next giveaway?? Okay, sorry twist my arm, Monday got away from me, far far away from me, but here it is!
I will keep this simple...
Over the past year we have found that the best books (besides Braille books) that most visually impaired kids really pay attention to, are high contrast books and LARGE books with LARGE print and pictures. This is very true for Liam and lots of other parents we speak with say the exact same thing about their kids and picture books. We have noticed that sometimes these books are slightly hard to find in stores so we decided we would give away a few of them!
So we picked Liam's absolute favorites only.... Ones that he will never put down once you have read them just once to him, begging to have them read over and over again until we distract him or hide the book. (Seriously, we have read each several hundred times at the least !)
So you know the drill, post below with a simple idea for another book you think we should try with Liam; either a large picture/print book or a high contrast book. Extra points for followers or Facebook/twitter repeats. Winner gets both the high contrast book by Tana Hoban and the large picture book by Eric Carle. Reviews can be found on our book bin tab to the left.
Good luck to all! Winner will be announced Friday night! See you all then!

Friday, September 14, 2012

And The Winner Is.......

Alright guys, so before I tell our lucky winner please know if you did not win this Monday morning, bright and early, we start another giveaway in honor of National Albinism Awareness month so try try again!!!
Monday's giveaway will be a collection of various high contrast children's books from two of our family's favorite authors! I can't wait!!

So without further babble ,
The winner is..... Bonnie and Daniel!! So great seeing that your son helped you win Bonnie!! Great team work guys! We will be getting with you to mail out your custom Braille shirt soon!
Also, I need to correct an earlier statement as the money from these shirts Jen makes does not go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness but to the RDH12 Fund for Sight organization started by Jen and several other families affected by this rare type of blindness affecting the RDH12 gene. From there the money goes straight into research that is leading the fight for a cure. So for those still wanting a shirt please stop by Jen's site and check them out! It's a great cause and a great group of families fighting for the sight of many, and they can't do it alone. Thanks all for participating and congrats Bonnie!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

GIVEAWAY Braille Shirt!!

Several weeks back my hubby and I purchased some crafty hand-made Braille shirts from a fellow mom blogger and mother to a visually impaired child over at Jen has a beautiful daughter named Finley who has a rare eye disorder called Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (which you can read more about here and here), that will eventually cause her, over time, to completely lose her sight. Upon hearing this news, Jen did what any mom would do and started finding ways she and her family could assist in the fight against time for a cure. Jen took to making customized Braille items to raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness and when we found her page shortly after Liam was diagnosed, we just had a heart to help by purchasing our whole family these shirts. After hundreds of people have stopped us to see what the shirts say and the reason we have such unique shirts, we realized she was also spreading awareness for a common cause for all visually impaired and blind individuals. 
Any parent would move heaven and earth if they could to save their child's right to a SIGHTED childhood, so we decided to help spread the word about Jen's fight for Finley's because it literally is a race against time. 
So, for the challenge..... Since Brian and I are currently learning Braille (since Liam will one day probably be a duel reader reading both Braille and large print books) we decided to drag you all along for the ride. 
Look at these pictures....



Now I bet you are all wondering the exact same question .... "Amy what do they say already?" 
Well that's just it.....To qualify to win a customized Braille shirt from Jen's shop you must post the text in Brian's shirt BELOW into a comment box on this post. It MUST be correct and the only ways to get extra points are listed below with the rules! Good luck and get going!!!


The rules:
No sore losers
Winners shirt custom text must be of "do-able length" and no profane words
Competition ends Thursday the 13th!!!!
Winner will be announced the following day (Friday) 
Color choice pending availability 

For extra points:
Do my shirt as well 

Do Liam's shirt

Go visit Jen's page for Finley and leave her a hello message
Repost about the giveaway on Facebook or/and twitter

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Reason to Love September

I bet you didn't know that September is my favorite month of the year did you? Among many reasons are: the start of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, the first day of fall, my mom's birthday, tights and boots, and one recently very important new reason...... 


That's right, so in honor of NAAM the will be hosting several giveaways throughout the entire month! 
A sneak peak you ask? 
Well ok here's a clue- shirts, books, cards, flash cards just to name a few!
So stay tuned, the gives start this coming week! 
First up will be special Braille shirts from a friend and fellow parent of a visually impaired child and you won't want to miss it!