Monday, July 16, 2012

NOAH Conference Session "How We See"

One session at the NOAH conference that we really liked was the “How We See” for families to see what a person with albinism really sees through their eyes. They used the following video to explain their sight, and we also were told that several years now at this session of the NOAH conference they used goggles to simulate what their vision is like to normal sighted individuals. We did not have these there this year but we did get information on how to get a pair ( to show friends and family back home this, the website we ordered them from clearly shows you pictures of the different visual acuities with the goggles. (Ex. 20/20 verse 20/200 verse 20/400 etc.)

**Side note: One thing that Brian and I did not expect was the number of people with albinism at the conference who were using walking sticks/canes and seeing eye dogs. When we talked to a lot of people they told us that in new places the sticks/canes are sometimes preferred and very helpful until they learn their way around but they are not needed in familiar places like their homes and such. It also greatly depends on the individual’s vision and remember, everyone with albinism sees things differently through their eyes, no two are the same as this video clearly shows. **

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