Friday, July 13, 2012

NOAH Conference 2012

NOAH. Months ago when I booked our tickets to the NOAH conference it felt so far away, a distant dream to attend to learn more about our little Liam’s felt like the day would never arrive.
Then it did.
Now that we are here, it seems like it is flying by to fast, almost over and yet we just arrived.
I had planned to share in “long story short” mode, summarizing each session at the conference in just a few lines but after attending many of them today I feel like that would not do them justice. Each had soooo much knowledge to share with us and each of us three took different things from each session that could help those who could not go this year.
(Three being Brian, myself and Gigi aka Brian’s mom/Liam’s grandma)
So I think instead I will stretch the posts out over the next few days going over each individual session after I have gathered all of our notes so that if you were not there you could possibly feel like you were...or at least like you’re reading the “clift notes” for it.
Now each hour has several sessions you must CHOOSE from so we were not able to go to all of them though we did split up several times, but we did try to go to the ones we knew would help the most people/friends of ours and us personally with Liam. That means that most of  these sessions are tailored around parenting small children or just parenting in general.  We did not attend the young adult or career professionals group sessions though we did speak to many of them to get an idea what Liam might one day face in that department. (More on that later as well.)
I will start posting hopefully on our drive home Saturday/Sunday, but heads up it’s coming! And if you are at the conference please find me we would love to connect and chat! Just look for the little boy in glasses running the hallways with his Gigi, when the others are all in sessions, we won’t be very far!

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