Friday, June 1, 2012

Vitamin D With No Sun

We recently had our one year check-up with our pediatrician to make sure Liam was growing and developing well—of course he is right up there in the 90th percentile for height, weight, and everything—but I had some questions for her about Liam getting the right amount of vitamin D. Kids usually get a reasonable amount of vitamin D from the sun, but in Liam’s case—and anyone else with Albinism—his sunscreen and lack of time in the sun does not allow this. I knew he was getting vitamin D from his formula but at the 12 month check-up we were advised to start him on regular milk and wean him off of formula. This left us wondering, do we need to supplement vitamin D for him or is there other ways or foods we can get it from to be a sufficient amount for his growing little body?

Our pediatrician informed us that there is a type of milk, whole milk, which has enough vitamin D already in it that we would not have to supplement as long as Liam would drink his milk daily. Since milk and juice are all he drinks right now, this shouldn’t be a problem, but, if when he gets older he does not like milk or refuses to drink it, we may need to revisit this issue.

Now, with Liam being in the 90th percentile for everything—everyone thinks he is a two year old because he is big—we did not want to do whole milk but instead chose to do Horizon 2% milk that already has vitamin A and D added to it. So, for now we are satisfied that as long as Liam is drinking his milk he is getting enough vitamin D….take that sunshine, we don’t need you!

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