Monday, June 4, 2012

Vision Therapy Update

Some updates on Liam’s therapy. He has continued to do therapy now once a month for only an hour. His vision therapist has been using the following techniques for his sessions and has informed us that she thinks Liam is doing just swell! He is currently staying right on track with his development in all areas and she said he has showed great improvement in his fine motor skills ever since he got his glasses. There are definitely still some issues with several of his “complete blind spots” but his tracking and pincer grasp has greatly improved. We are so pleased he did not have to move up to once a week sessions as of yet! Our therapist Lisa is also working on his sensory issues and has seen a lot of improvement. He is currently still not attending our church nursery but he is doing much better in crowded stores and environments than he ever has before! If you are following our blog and have been debating vision therapy or were advised that it does not show enough improvement for your doctors to recommend it, I strongly urge you to try it. I had my doubts when we started too but seeing Liam be able to place a peg into a small hole was warrant for a celebration in our book and definitely deemed the vision therapy thus far a small success! So if you want to try some at home first, here are the tools we have been using.

1.A peg board and brightly colored pegs—Object with this one is clear, putting the pegs in the holes and taking them out.

2. Small bright blocks in a cup—Try letting them fish them out one at a time without dumping the cup.

3. Toys with buttons on them—Try getting them to push the button using the one pointer finger

4. Connectable toys—These are those old school plastic toys in various colors that connect to each other to form a long line, use them to practice pulling at either end to get them apart and connecting the ends to hook them back together.

5. The light box –Still using this to really get small objects and see the dull ones.

6. A ball pit—To recreate this we use a small kiddie-pool and plastic balls (all found at Walmart) It helps for his sensory issues to get him to sit in the balls without any help and play while they all surround him touching him on every side.

7. A swing—We use this for sensory issues, spinning and swinging for a few minutes. Forcing his Nystagmus to speed up rapidly and then use compression pulses on his joints to slow it back down again.

8. High contrast books—Right now she is just getting him used to feeling and flipping the pages of the books. Point out eyes nose things like that and the main objects on the pages.

9. Light up stack rings—They have the light up ones at Target, the regular ones are in any toy store but the object is that they can manage to put the rings onto the stick sucessfully.

Again, these are just some of the newer things we are trying since I last posted on his vision therapy. We are still using a lot of the old tools and tricks seen HERE.

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