Friday, May 11, 2012

Window Tinting for Photophobia

This past week Brian and I finally got our window tinting done for both of our vehicles. It was quick and fairly cheap, based on what I thought it all would cost, and both vehicles can now shield Liam’s sensitive eyes from the dreaded sun. No more crying non-stop on the ride home every day!! Woohoo!

The Tint Shop in Conway is where we chose to have our tinting done and they could not have done a better job! They have experience in tinting windows for photophobic individuals and suggested we use 15% tinting on our back side windows and 30% on our rear windows which worked like a dream! At first I was afraid it would not be dark enough and I wanted to do the darkest shade possible since we had full permission to, but they encouraged us to try this first since anything darker would make it more difficult for the driver to look through the back windows. So, I agreed to try it first on one car before we moved on to the next and they were definitely right!

After putting it to the test, this degree of tinting seems to really do the trick for Liam. We were really pleased when he did not squint at all in direct sunlight on our first drive home! (I was fully convinced that we had made the right decision when we opened the door to the back seat and Liam winced away in pain from the light that had flooded in. Clearly, the window tinting was working to protect his eyes if he had not noticed the sun before the door was opened!)

So, if you need darker tint for your child with photophobia, I would definitely recommend it—as long as you have your letter of medical necessity from your pediatrician! Now let’s start counting how many times we get pulled over!

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