Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pergola Para Liam

Liam is quite the outdoorsman these days.  The first thing he found upon becoming mobile was the front door.  That kid longs to be outside! But the sun proves a big problem for his fair skin, and even with the constant sunscreen, he still seems to turn pink.
So, Brian and I decided (after many arguments over it) to build the kid some shade.  We discussed tents, tarps, use of the garage, and keeping him indoors which just isn’t fair to Liam, and finally landed on the idea of a pergola.  With a pergola you can decide, based on how you build it and what you plant to grow on it, how much sun you let come through its canopy. It is easy on the eyes for when we resell the house, and can be cheaply built and kept up.  It will be sturdy in storms and other weather conditions which is perfect for our area.
So we have started the process of pricing and sketching out designs.  Will it cover all, half, most or just some of our yard and deck? We don’t know. In the meantime, here are some Google pictures of our ideas along with our yards before pictures....stay tunes for the after!

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