Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moms to the Blind

Over the past year, many things—doctors, specialists, organizations, hospitals, clinics, etc.—have helped us through each difficult phase of our journey. But the one thing I feel as Liam’s mom helped me the most, was my fellow moms. Specifically my fellow “blind mamas.” These women and their blogs about parenting their blind and visually impaired children, as well as their emails and messages of hope and strength, kept me fighting when I wanted to give up. They were there to encourage, and share their stories of pain, failure, hope, joy, success, and determination to help their precious kiddos. Without them I would not have known what to do or where to go next to help Liam and his eyes. Their blogs shared more information than any database or doctor ever could because they were the cold hard facts, the personal experiences with a “been there, done that”, and their stories were open, honest, and the raw truth. These where the things doctors liked to sugar coat for us, or simply brush it away with a “we will see when he gets older”. They could never have taught, from their labs and tests, what these moms taught us from their blogs, emails, and memos.

The bottom line… when you find yourself in our boat, these moms are your lifesavers! Period. So I thought I’d pull all of their sites together on their own individual tab (since it took me a year to find them all). So above you’ll find a new tab, dedicated to the blogs of my fellow mom bloggers of blind kiddos, ready to share their journeys with you--each with their own hopes and dreams, and individual struggles along the way. So check them out and be amazed because the community of “blind mamas” is one I’ve found to be like no other.

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