Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking Back On Our First Year

Since about two weeks before Liam was born I started writing letters to him. Something my dad did for each of us when we got older that I wanted to pass down. I've never shared them but I wanted to start tonight on his first birthday.

Blondiebear- My sweet sweet TODDLER!!! Where has the time gone! I remember not long ago dreaming of you waiting for you to arrive and thinking you never would. One year ago tonight I lay in a hospital bed holding you tight, a nurse had just come in to take you to the nursery but I refused. I had only just gotten you I was not going to let you go that quickly for sleep that would never come. I remember swearing to protect you always and be your big mamabear... But as I quickly learned that was to big a job for just me....impossible to protect you from somethings even. I had to leave that to the big guy upstairs and trust that through it all he had your best interest at heart. Believe me when I say watching you go through some of these thing was the hardest thing I've ever faced but through it you prevailed my strong and brave little lovie. Watching you I know I've learned more from you about love than I could possibly ever teach you in a lifetime. How to love how to be patient how to pray through a storm without ceasing. How to find the good in everything and everyone. How to trust and how to hold tight to what you believe in. Your daddie and I have watched over the past year as you beat every odds they set on you, every time they said you couldn't or wouldn't it became a challenge to help you overcome. (One day I plan on videoing you ride a bike and send it to all the doctors who said you never would) But through it all you still look at the world with a smile on your face , happy as can be oblivious to the challenges that lay before you before us... And I pray you stay that way... That you never think you can't do something just because someone (some doctor ) said you cant. That you alway see the good even in those that hurt you that tease and judge you and that you learn to accept everyones differences no matter how big or how small. Always remember you want to stand out in a crowd who wants to just blend in? Jesus never did. So one day when you read this remember what I've said. Hide these words in your heart and never forget what you mean to me, to your dad and always now how much we love you. We spent a year praying God would make us ready for you, and that he would sent just the perfect baby for us and he did. We wouldn't change one thing about you not one hair on your white head. So happy one year birthday and we pray many many more. With all the love to the moon and back , love Mom and Dad.

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