Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Saw the Light

Last night Brian and I took Liam with us to Target to pick up a few things, it wasn’t dark yet but it was getting close so the parking lot lights were already on. Liam has recently started pointing at things and is fascinated with ceiling fans and lights. We don’t know if it is because they look larger to him or if it “white blinds” an area of his vision making him curious or if he just finds them interesting. Anyway as we were unloading Liam from his car seat and placing him in the shopping cart Liam starts to point. He begins to tilt his head all the way back to the back of the seat on our cart clearly staring and pointing up at something. We both look up and to our surprise there, about 15 feet or so in the air is a parking light. Very bright and very high up. “La Luz” ? we ask (because our Spanish speaking sitter says this each time he looks at the lights ) and Liam just starts babbling and smiling constantly waving his pointer finger at the light. We were amazed.
Two months ago our little boy could not see 2 feet in front of him and until now we were not sure his glasses had helped much of anything excepting making things look incredibly large to him but now 15 feet away he saw the light. Words cannot describe how we felt. Overjoyed, amazed, astonished, excited, they all don’t come even close. Our little boy could see. No his vision is not the best, the images he sees are probably far from what we see, yes he is still legally blind and I know there will be a long road ahead of us, but if nothing else we know he can see farther with the glasses and for now that will have to be enough until he can tell us for himself. All that we cared about in that moment was he knew the image he saw was a light, and in that moment he was not the only one that saw the light.

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