Monday, April 16, 2012

Our First Night Apart

Okay, since I have had several people asking and family calling to check in on us after our very first night apart, I thought I would just post a note on here of how our first night without Liam went. (For those of you who didn’t see or know about this via my worried posts on Facebook, Liam spent Friday night with his Gigi--Brian’s mom--so that Brian and I could finally have a date night and finish some things at the house on Saturday.)
Friday after work I collected Liam from the sitter’s house and we headed home to get ready for Gigi’s. We packed a small overnight back with his pjs, his cd of lullaby music, and a few other comfort items of his and headed to Gigi’s where she was ready and waiting! She had purchased an outdoor, turtle sand box and filled it with plastic colorful balls for him to sit and play in, which he dove right into when we arrived. We sat outside watching him and discussing his routine and random things as I pittled not ready to part from him just yet. After an hour had past, Brian called to tell me he was off work and waiting on me to come to town for dinner. I got up and slowly moved to my car, kissing Liam tons on the way out, and forced myself to get behind the wheel and start the car. I reminded Gigi to call if she needed anything, and that we may stop by at least once in the morning before Brian had to go to work just to say hi and join them for breakfast, before I headed out down the driveway. They waved to me from the porch until I was out of sight. I turned the music up and drove to meet Brian refusing to think of anything other than a date with the hubby because I was sure the water works would start if I did.

When we got to dinner Brian recommended we stop in to see Liam tonight since it had been all day since he had been able to see him. I was glad when Gigi text us to say he was sound asleep already and we were still on our salads. I knew if we dropped in on them I wouldn’t want to leave him again. So we finished our dinner and drinks and stopped by a Redbox to grab a movie and went home. Only once throughout the night did I pop my head in Liam’s room to check on him, forgetting that it was empty.

Instead of sleeping in, we were up at the crack of 6 a.m. and off to Gigi’s to check in on our lovie. He was wide awake and raced to the door on his hands and knees to greet us. He hugged our necks and gave us kisses which made us feel missed. Gigi told us all about their night and how he had woken her at 5 and went right back to sleep once in her bed. After Brian left for work at 7, I stayed behind to love on my lovie and then went home to paint and let Liam and Gigi have some more play time. By lunch time I was back over at Gigi’s collecting Liam and his things to take him back home with me where we played and napped the rest of the day.

The night was not near as hard as we had thought it would be, on any of the three of us, but we were sure glad to have him home with us to cuddle and giggle with the rest of the weekend. Maybe next time, and yes there will be a next time, we will make it without running over at 6 in the morning to check in on them. For now, Brian and I are just proud that we could make it to 6 a.m!

Reunited Saturday Morning!

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