Sunday, March 25, 2012

Window Tinting for OA

Our family currently resides in the state of Arkansas which, like most states, has a tinting law for vehicles. Each state has different limits for different types of vehicles on how much light has to be allowed into the vehicle to make it legally tinted. Some are enforced more strongly than others and some not at all, but the grid HERE will give you an idea of each states tinting degree allowed. In Arkansas, for a car, windows must allow more than 25% of light to come in the front windows, with the back window allowing 10% of light in. For an SUV in Arkansas, the front windows are at 25% with the back passenger windows and rear window at 10%. If you are ever in our car or have a child with Ocular Albinism you will notice quickly they do not react well to the sun in their eyes. It is very painful for people with OA to have constant light in their eyes and for children who do not know to turn away and cannot change positions in their car seats this can mean for very hectic and loud car rides. Since Liam has grown and can now pull blanket coverings off the top of his car seat, we have had a hard time keeping enough shades in the car to shield his sensitive eyes. After much research we found out that in Arkansas there is an exception to the tinting law that specifically names albinism as one of the few exceptions.
27-37-306 Arkansas Tint Law
**“(e) (1) – a motorist shall be exempt from this section if the motorist is diagnosed by a physician as having a disease or disorder, including, but not limited to, albinism or lupus, for which the physician determines it is in the best interest of the motorist to be exempt from the requirements of this section. The motorist shall carry in his or her motor vehicle a physician’s certification. **

When we got in touch with the state police department they gave us a link on where to find a copy of this law and its exception so that we could keep copies of it in our vehicles with a certification letter from Liam’s pediatrician. We called around to different window tinting companies to find out what they would require the letters state and then had our pediatrician type up a signed certification for us. It simply states that due to Liam’s diagnosis of Ocular Albinism, he requires tinting beyond the legal limits of the state of Arkansas and to please contact them with any concerns or questions. (Several tinting services were very specific about “of the state of Arkansas” if they were going to do the tinting so if you require this service make sure to call the one you plan to use before hand.) We keep all the documents in an envelope in our cars so that if we get pulled over due to our dark tint we will be able to show the police officer and be on our way. We are scheduled to have our vehicles tinted in three weeks so we have yet to have to put this to the test but I am sure we will have to at some point. In some states there are special stickers that you have to put on the back of your vehicle to let the officers know that the vehicle requires/is allowed the illegal tinting so that they do not waste time in pulling you over at all but unfortunately Arkansas is not one of them. We have recently thought about organizing a petition to have a sticker for vehicles that qualify under this exception in our state so if you have any feedback on this we would love to hear it!


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  4. I am glad you posted the link to the list for other state's laws on tinting. I'm located in another state and so Arkansas' rules wouldn't apply to my car. Now I know what kind of tinting job I can go out and get. Who knows a great window tinting company?!tint-services/c1z5w


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