Friday, March 30, 2012

Up We Grow

Two new developments in the little life of Liam ….

Lately learning to walk (at 9 ½ months yeah!!!) is not the only new thing Liam has learned to do. Though walking at such an early age was the biggest, there are a few smaller things that I have such joy in watching him do. First off, I have always wanted to teach my children sign language. I have known sign language since the second grade when my best friend Bree taught me so that I could communicate with my new friend Amanda who was deaf. Over time, I became very fluent in sign language and took extra classes in college just to get a GPA boost with the easy A. I grew up wanting to work with deaf children at the school for the deaf in Little Rock (little did I know I would have a son who landed me right across the street at the school for the blind instead…love how God works!), but I first I wanted to teach sign language to my own children. After finding out about Liam’s eye condition I thought this might prove to be much more difficult a task than I had hoped, but this week he amazed us all when, after weeks of me signing “more” to him when I gave him bites of food, he finally signed it back! Since the first time he signed it and we all started applauding for him, he has not stopped yet! The best part is that he only uses it in the correct context. If his bottle is empty, if I stop giving him bites of banana, if he gives you kisses and you pull away too soon, all these things and several others will get the same reaction out of him… “more” he signs silently. Then he will smack his little hands together clapping proudly for himself. Next sign, the word “please”, and if I can I will be sure to snap a picture of my little show off.
The second major development we have started to notice recently is that Liam is obsessed with lights. We do not know where this comes from since logically with OA the light should/does hurt his eyes to a degree but apparently he is comfortable with indoor lights enough to always want to be lifted up to touch them briefly. His sitter Rosa noticed a few weeks ago that he was often staring in amazement or just curiosity at the lights and fans on the ceilings in her home so she started informing him, in Spanish, of what these objects where with a simple “la luz Papi”, and she would point to the light he was staring at. Eventually, as she carried him around the house, he would point to the lights himself and she would respond with “la luz” and he would drop his hand. This week Liam has started to do this himself when we ask him “donde la luz Liam?” (where is the light?) he will tilt his head back and scan until he finds the closest light and point a waving finger in it’s direction. If more than one light is in the room he will continue pointing to each one as you ask him “donde la luz Liam,” and we can even repeat the Spanish with the English “where is the light Liam?”, and he will still point to the lights for us. It’s such a small gesture but we love it all the same. We keep trying to get him to point to Mama, to Dada, to Gigi with the same question in English and Spanish and he is working hard at this too. Both these new developments have come so fast and I’m sure the next ones will come faster and faster as he continues to grow. They are constant reminders that my little sweet baby is not so much a baby anymore and that soon his one year birthday that has been slowly creeping up on us will be here making him officially a toddler. Ready or not here it comes!!

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  1. Hey Amy! I don't know if you remember me or not... but I LOVE your blog! I'm currently watching a child after school until his parents get home that has Autism. I know it's not near the same thing as your son; however, I love learning more about his disability and other children's too. I also love sign language and plan to teach my future children as well. I also thought your insight into the fairy godmother syndrome was right on and great advice! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I love hearing the things you are learning and doing with your son. He's very blessed to have you for a mom!

    - Emily Wesley (formerly Turner)