Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

If you read up on your growth milestones for infants like I do, most sites will rank “Begins to identify self in a mirror's reflection” as a milestone that should be reached by the end of nine months of age. This is a start for the child to eventually become self aware which usually happens around 18 months old. As the child ages they say you can test to see if the child is self-aware (knows themselves to be a separate person with their own personality separate from mom and dads) by drawing or sticking something on the child’s head or face and then showing it to them in the mirror. If the child reacts by touching the doodle or sticker on themselves and not the mirror image they are considered self-aware. For children with any form of vision loss they say this may come a little late but I was so proud of Liam when, right on track at 9½ months, he started patting and babbling to his reflection in the mirror. It is a great indicator that we are on the right track and that he is not falling behind in that area. By the time he is 18 months old I am sure he will be reacting to doodles on his forehead like any other sighted child. Now if I could just get him out from in front of my make-up mirror in the mornings! Here are some pics from my mirror sorry they look so blurry!

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