Thursday, March 15, 2012

If You Can't Find It, Make It!

Since I was a little girl I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. I had dreams of growing up to write children’s books but was unsure of how children learned best or what they would want to read about.  I never thought “what happens if the child has trouble even seeing the book?”  I sat in Liam’s room one night after he was diagnosed, going through our basket of books people had given him, slowly realizing that some of these small print books filled with chaotic images and busy patterns were never going to help him learn to enjoy reading. I flew to my computer and began a week long search for books that would be suitable for my son’s needs.  I quickly found that the hardest books to find are the ones for visually impaired children, not for BLIND children, but visually impaired.  Liam does not need Braille books; he just needs bigger, bolder, and brighter, high contrast books. The only problem is that few people make these books.  There are several authors, such as Eric Carle whose books I have mentioned before, that focus more towards large brightly colored books with high contrast images but their font is not always large also. It is not enough to just see the images on a page I want Liam to be able to read it also.  Yes there are many devices that increase the size of the font if you can get your little one to look through the magnifying screen on the device but what happens when you cannot? I have slowly developed a passion (more of a mission) for making books for the visually impaired and I am starting with some for Liam.  It started out as making flash cards for teaching him his alphabet and numbers one day and then grew from there. One day I hope to be able to work with a publishing company and illustrator to create books specially made for visually impaired children but for now I am content just crafting them for my little one.  I may even send some out to some friends with visually impaired kids older than Liam to get some feedback. Once I finish getting a few together for Liam I’ll post some photos.   Fingers crossed he may love to read one day just like his Mommie!


  1. Amy! Email me - Now that I've read through your blog I want to talk more! specifically on the genetic side of OA. We are in the throws of genetic testing and there are some things I've learned there I wanted to share. Also, he reminds me SO much of Arlo. Their hair color is nearly identical! He looks adorable in his glasses! So happy to hear they are working for him - they haven't wanted to try Arlo in glasses yet. Anyway, don't want to write a novel in your comments, but I hope to hear from you!

  2. Hi there. I'm a new follower. My grandmother has a hard time reading regular books, so I'm constantly going to the public library to try and find her some large font books to read. I really hope that you succeed in these books, I think its a great thing. Best of luck to you. I'd love a follow back at