Sunday, February 12, 2012


We recently have been on the lookout for toys and things that are very visually stimulating for us to use to teach Liam. We know that kids with nystagmus usually see things best on dark backgrounds or with high contrast colors such as white on black, red on white, yellow on green, etc. So as Brian and I shop for toys we are always on the lookout to find these high contrast toys. Recently, we have found a great company that sells high contrast puzzles called Melissa and Doug. Below are some pictures of the puzzles we found locally but all of their toys and puzzles are available online and on Amazon. The puzzles we bought are on black backgrounds with big thick brightly colored wooden animals and are easy for Liam to pick up. They are called My 1st Chunky Puzzle and have all different animal themes. Great for any child visually impaired or not!


pictures underneath for easy placement learning

For now Liam just wants to chew on them but that's a start!

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