Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New and Improved Highchair

For kids with nystagmus it is often difficult to grasp small objects because with their rapid eye movements they cannot keep locked/focused on the object. When we started Liam on self feeding he often times could not hold focus long enough to guide his hands to the food pieces. We were sitting at the dinner table with my mother in law when I mentioned if only the highchair tray were black maybe with the strong contrast he could more rapidly return focus to the food fast enough to grab the pieces. We joked about there being no kid safe paint since Liam chews on everything and it wasn't until the next day when my mother in law showed up at our house with a great idea. She had bought a roll of black cabinet liner ( the non slick stuff you put down in cabinets and drawers to hold your dishes in place) and had cut it out in the shape of the inside of the highchair tray. ( it sticks very well to the tray but peels up if you want to remove it) It worked perfectly! I even did the cup holders to give him some practice with depth perception ( he has to reach inside for the food). With the black background all his small treats are easily visible and he has been working hard to pick them up and feed himself. I advise anyone (not just parents of vision impaired kids) if your child's having trouble in this area this is a cheap fix ($2) that might help like it has us! Below are pictures of Liam's new and improved highchair tray.

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  1. Nana ROCKS!!!! I'm so glad this is helping Liam!!! Hugs to you and your family, Amy!