Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Call Me Four-Eyes!!

At our last ophthalmologist visit at ACH, Dr. Dimiceli explained to us that even though glasses do not fix Ocular Albinism or Nystagmus and generally they do not help much, she did want us to try them out.  She said in Liam’s case they may help bring things closer to him by enlarging them some, like a magnifier would, so that his eyes can better lock onto them.  She told us that Liam’s best vision would be within five feet or so and that the things that are further than that would be too small for him to focus on.  She was all about enhancing what vision he did have by making everything bigger so he could see farther.  She gave us a prescription and told us to try them out and report back at our next visit in three months. So we went to Patterson’s Eye Center in Conway and picked out a dark gray color for his frames in a brand called Miraflex Glasses.  (For more info see my link to the Miraflex website to the left) They are flexible, bendable, and virtually indestructible frames for infants, toddlers, and active adults. We even got them with transition lenses so that we would not have to alternate with sunglasses when we go outside.  So far, Liam has managed to leave them alone after he adjusted to them and he definitely seems to be able to see to grab smaller objects whereas before he looked right over them, missing them completely.  He smiles at us from 6-10 feet away so we know he can make out enough to know who we are which is amazing! Before if you were more than two or three feet away he had difficulty determining who was there without help from noises or voices.  Of course when we got the glasses we had to show them off in style so we did a big photo shoot with our family photographer (Robert Hinson aka PawPaw). Here are a few of our favorite shots!

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  1. Liam is a lucky boy to have such awesome parents. (as are his parents to have him!)...

    Love you guys,
    Uncle G