Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In my research I have found a great many websites that offer a lot of information on nystagmus in children.

Nystagmus : a condition of involuntary eye movement, acquired in infancy or later in life, that usually results in low or reduced vision. There are 45 types of nystagmus and many of the causes are not known.
People with nystagmus:
1. Have poor distance vision which cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts
2. Vision will become worse when tired, frustrated, or under pressure
3. They need more time to see things and like to get up close to people and things
4. They usually have a null point. A null point is one direction in which the vision slightly improves more than other directions and they may adjust themselves to see out of that point. (May tilt or turn their heads to see from their null point)
5. Most people with nystagmus are not aware of how different their vision/eyes are from those of fully sighted people.
6. There is no cure or treatment that stops nystagmus but rather than getting worse with age like most individuals eyes do nystagmus tend to improve with age but does not stop all together.
I have found so many websites to help with my research and several blogs from other parent’s points of views but here are just a few.

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