Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last week we had Liam’s MRI at Arkansas Children’s Hospital to rule out Neurological Nystagmus. It was an extremely long day (esp. for Liam since he was not allowed to eat or drink for 7-9 hours prior to the procedure!) but he did awesome! He was, to our disbelief, very patient and content all morning until the procedure and handled the anesthesia well (even though Mommie did not!) They had to sedate him completely and intubate him for the MRI (to hold him still long enough) but he recovered fine with only a minor cough from the throat irritation. (He took the whole thing much better than his blubbering mother did!) When it was all said and done a stuffed dinosaur (with fun textured fabric) from the ACH gift store was his reward for letting them poke and prod at him all day. We were able to get the results that same day and praise God everything came back NORMAL! From what I understand, a normal MRI result rules out Neurological Nystagmus so next we will focus on Sensory Defect Nystagmus. Here are some of the photos we took that morning before and after the MRI.

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