Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Liam's First Day of Therapy

Today was our evaluation at Pediatrics Plus for Liam to see if he would need vision therapy or not. We met with an occupational therapist named Jamie for a little over an hour but it was a very productive hour! She and another therapist from Little Rock went over many tasks trying to see what Liam could do and what he needed to work on. They used so many different types of toys such as light up pens, tennis balls, rattles, Mardi Gras beads, blocks of all sizes, and more. She said that Liam was almost completely on track with his age group and that he tested at a 6th month level (even though he is 7 ½ months). They worked on his tracking (using his eyes to follow movement through his field of vision) and on his fine motor skills like grasping large to very small objects. Jamie said that Liam tested low on two of the points they score on but high on two in the next age bracket for 9 month olds. They then scored Liam on a scale to report to his doctor and went over different things we needed to work with him on at home between now and his next visit. The therapist said that she would recommended that Liam come in once a month until he is past one year of age so that they can keep track of his development and make sure he did not start to fall behind in anything. For the first time since this whole journey started Brian and I felt like someone finally understood what we were seeing and that someone had a plan we could stick to in order try and help our son’s future. Up until now it was “go here then go there, then if they can’t help with that go here, then we will see from there.” No definites, no I can help, no anything. The “no-one knows what to do next” was very frustrating! Now we have a treatment plan and that has been the most comforting thing the therapist could have ever said to us as parents.

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